Not a "lazy" eye, but a "lazy" brain

Amblyopia can be improved by enhancing brain processing. RevitalVision neural training is clinically and scientifically proven and is the only existing treatment for amblyopia approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

During neural training sessions, a series of visual tasks and repetitive images train the brain and improve visual processing. RevitalVision analyzes performance and continuously adjusts the individually customized training sessions to substantially improve vision.

Amblyopia therapy is:

  • Completed at home on a computer
  • 2-3 times per week
  • Customized to your pace and visual ability
  • Professionally monitored by your
    RevitalVision™ Personal Vision Specialist
  • Each of the 40 sessions takes an average of 40 minutes

The Science

RevitalVision neural training is clinically and scientifically proven, unlike eye exercise programs that focus on relaxing eye muscles.

Gabor patchesDuring the training sessions the user is presented with a series of precise visual tasks consisting of patterned images with subtle differences in orientation, size and contrast. Through repetitive practice the brain is trained to be more efficient and to improve visual processing. Specialized RevitalVision™ algorithms analyze performance and continuously adjust the individually customized training sessions to substantially improve vision.

A more detailed explanation of the science can be found here.

The Process

Step 1: Talk to your eye doctor and purchase RevitalVision.

Step 2: Install software on your computer.

  • Should there be questions, your RevitalVision™ Personal Vision Specialist will help guide the installation process.
RevitalVision Amblyopia Therapy includes a quick start guide, manual, CD, and mouse extension cable.
Should you have questions, your RevitalVision Personal Vision Specialist will help guide the installation process.

Step 3: Begin your first 40-minute RevitalVision™ session, by sitting five feet away from your computer monitor in a darkened room.

  • After completing approximately 10 sessions (2-3 per week), you will begin to see and feel the improvement in vision. This improvement will be noticed in normal, daily activities, such as reading text, menu items and newspaper print. Your RevitalVision™ Personal Vision Specialist will monitor your progress and guide you to successful completion of the program.
  • Once completed, a final examination will be given by your eye care professional and you will receive a copy of the results.




"It definitely has made a difference in my vision. The part I liked about the whole thing was it's a way to improve my vision without any kind of medication or injections, or anything."

Charlotte H., Cataract Surgery Patient, Leawood, KS

"Last night I finished my fifth or sixth session, not sure which but it was a long one -12 sections. I scored better than I had been and it seemed like something was happening, at times, the really dim figures would suddenly get clear. Other times though not so clear.

This morning I picked up a newspaper before I put in my contacts. It has been a long time since I could see anything but a blur, even at arm's length and there was no point in even trying. But this morning I could read it and the closer I got the better it looked. Still blurry, but I could definitely make it out. Pretty exciting."

Allen S., Fresno, CA

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