Medical Journal Articles

10-2009 Training system designed to enhance quality of vision
Opthalmology Times - Download PDF
04-2008 Efficacy of neural vision therapy to enhance contrast sensitivity funciton and visual acuity in low myopia
J Cataract Refract Surg - Download PDF
05-2006 Donald Tan, MD, on NeuroVision™, a Non-optical Approach to Correcting the Effects of Refractive Error
Refractive Eyecare - Download PDF
04-2006 NeuroVision Treatment for Low Myopia Following LASIK Regression
Journal of Refractive Surgery - Download PDF
12-2007 Computer-based primary visual cortex training for treatment of low Myopia and early Presbyopia
American Ophthalmological Society - Download PDF
04-2004 Improving vision in adult amblyopia by perceptual learning
PNAS - Download PDF
02-1998 Collinear stimuli regulate visual responses depending on cell's contrast threshold
Nature - Download PDF



07-2010 RevitalVision Optometric Webinar
Paul Karpecki, O.D., FAAO and Melissa K. Bollinger, O.D. - Watch WMV
07-2010 Selling and Benefiting from the RevitalVision Technology in Your Surgical Practice
Dr. Daniel S Durrie, M.D. and Dr. Jeffrey D. Horn, M.D. - Watch WMV
05-2010 RevitalVision Optometrist Webinar Volume 1
Dr. Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO and Dr. George Waring IV, M.D. - Watch WMV
02-2010 Technology and Clinical Summary
Dr. Daniel S. Durrie, M.D. - Watch WMV
10-2009 Visual Cortex Training after Refractive Surgery: NeuroLASIK
George O. Waring IV, MD - Listen to MP3
2009 Computer-Based Primary Visual Cortex Training Combined with LASIK for Treatment of Low Myopia
Erin D. Stahl, MD, Daniel S. Durrie, MD - Download PDF





"It definitely has made a difference in my vision. The part I liked about the whole thing was it's a way to improve my vision without any kind of medication or injections, or anything."

Charlotte H., Cataract Surgery Patient, Leawood, KS

"Last night I finished my fifth or sixth session, not sure which but it was a long one -12 sections. I scored better than I had been and it seemed like something was happening, at times, the really dim figures would suddenly get clear. Other times though not so clear.

This morning I picked up a newspaper before I put in my contacts. It has been a long time since I could see anything but a blur, even at arm's length and there was no point in even trying. But this morning I could read it and the closer I got the better it looked. Still blurry, but I could definitely make it out. Pretty exciting."

Allen S., Fresno, CA

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