Media Coverage

01-2011 Visual cortex training may enhance premium IOL results/span>
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10-2010 Focusing On Vision - KC Small Business
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10-2010 The Best of Ophthalmology - EyeWorld News Magazine
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07-2010 40 seansta çözüm (Turkish)
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05-2010 Vision training improves cataract surgery outcomes - Refractive Surgery News
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03-2010 Physical Therapy for Your Eyes - 435 Magazine
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10-2009 Training system designed to enhance quality of vision - Opthalmology Times
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10-2009 Vision Quest: After LASIK left her disillusioned, Ginny Graves looked to a revolutionary noninvasive treatment to finally find focus - VOGUE
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09-2009 RevitalVision gets national exposure - Wichita Eagle
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08-2008 New Program For Improving Vision - KUTV
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08-2008 NeuroLASIK - Can surgeons improve LASIK outcomes by training the visual cortex? - Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today
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06-2008 Neural vision therapy improves vision of children with myopia - MedicalTRIBUNE
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04-2008 Efficacy of neural vision therapy to enhance contrast sensitivity function and visual acuity in low myopia - J Cataract Refract Surg
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04-2008 Clinical trials reveal promising results for neuroadaptation technology - Primary Care Optometry News
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04-2004 Improving vision in adult amblyopia by perceptual learning - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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Press Releases

01-18-2011 Computer Treatment Study for Amblyopia Reports Success in Older Children and Adults
Instanbul, Turkey Study Shows Average Improvement of 50.8% in amblyopic eye
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06-16-2010 Imagemakers helps RevitalVision see results
When RevitalVision, a non-surgical vision improvement company based in Lawrence, was looking for a full-service creative...
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05-26-2010 RevitalVision launches the world's only FDA-approved therapy to improve Amblyopia
"Lazy eye" treatment improves amblyopic patients' vision by enhancing brain processing without drugs, surgery or glasses.
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09-28-2009 VOGUE Magazine Features Kansas Start-Up Company
RevitalVision unveiled as the world's only proven, non-surgical therapy to improve vision
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RevitalVision color logo

RevitalVision black and white logo
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Mr. Dennis H. Depenbusch

CEO and Managing Partner of RevitalVision, LLC
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Depenbusch was director of U.S. Operations for NeuroVision, Inc. He previously served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation where he mentored more than 20 technology start-ups. Prior to this term he served in the role of CEO and Country Manager for Catalyst Lighting Group and Euronet World Wide, respectively. He is experienced as a team member of a top ten company as listed by Deloitte and Touche as a fast 500 company and overseeing the public listing of companies. Depenbusch has a Masters and Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Kansas.

Mr. Mark Hrinya

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations
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Hrinya has more than 20 years of software technology experience in financial management, strategic planning, and operations. Most recently Mr. Hrinya was Chief Financial Officer of Xenometrics and prior to that Entrepreneur in Residence for the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation. Previous experience includes VP of Finance at Flexbridge Technologies, a startup networking, file-sharing and online storage company and Bristol Technology, an Inc. 500 and Connecticut Fast 50 company, as VP of Finance and Controller. Hrinya holds a B.S. in Finance and Information Systems from the Pennsylvania State University. He is an active angel investor and sits on various advisory and board capacities.

Mr. Jerry Jalenak

Chief Technology Officer
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Jalenak was the Director of Software Engineering at Motorola's Netopia facility in Lawrence, Kan. Previously, Mr. Jalenak led the development and support of a leading edge toxicology reporting system for LabOne, Inc., in Lenexa, Kan. Jalenak has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Wichita State University, and currently serves on the executive board for the Lawrence Technology Association.

Mr. Brendan B. Sheil

Chief Commercial Officer
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Mr Sheil has a 19 year history in sales and marketing in Ophthalmology developing relationships and overseeing the sales and strategic development of various ophthalmic products worldwide.

Most recently, Mr. Sheil was Vice President of Commercial Operations of the Americas for Bausch and Lomb Surgical. Prior to this role he was Executive Director of Bausch and Lomb's U.S. Refractive Business.

In his senior roles, he developed various go to market strategies and successfully implemented these strategies with internal and external sales operation teams. He has been a recipient of various accolades for his achievements and is a speaker on product implementation strategies and practice development.

Mr. Sheil holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Iowa State University and sits in an advisory role for various established and start-up ophthalmic companies.

RevitalVision Overview

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Product Literature

Vision Improvement Program (Presbyopia/Reading Glasses) - 300KB PDF

Post-LASIK Therapy - 300KB PDF

Post-Cataract Therapy - 350KB PDF

Amblyopia Therapy - 218KB PDF

Doctor Information Brochure - 1,248KB PDF

Video - Doctor & Patient Stories

Evelyn (Post Cataract / Reading Glasses)
Duration: 1:46 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 200MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 85MB
Dr. Kelly Grosdidier, O.D.
Duration: 1:18 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 120MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 90MB
Dr. John Hunkeler, MD
Duration: 5:31 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 580MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 260MB
Brigette Ellis, Director of Research, Durrie Vision
Duration: 3:16 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 380MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 150MB
Margie (Reading Glasses)
Duration: 1:28 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 200MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 93MB
Gary (Post Cataract Therapy)
Duration: 1:56 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 250MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 100MB
Charlotte (Post-Cataract Therapy)
Duration: 2:31 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 350MB
      NTSC Letterbox Quicktime - 150MB

Video - B roll

Eye Exam 001
Duration: 5:40 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 963MB
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 480MB
Eye Exam 002
Duration: 6:34 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 1.14GB
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 538MB
Eye Exam 003
Duration: 2:41 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 491MB
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 275MB
Hunkeler Exterior
Duration: 0:45 (MM:SS)
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RevitalVision Program 001
Duration: 1:51 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Quicktime - 339MB
RevitalVision Program 002
Duration: 0:29 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Quicktime - 56MB
RevitalVision ScreenShots
Duration: 1:34 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Quicktime - 191MB
Using the Program - 001
Duration: 1:47 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 311MB
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 141MB
Using the Program - 002
Duration: 0:50 (MM:SS)
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 165MB
      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 72MB
Using the Program - 003
Duration: 5:50 (MM:SS)
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      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 486MB
Using the Program - 004
Duration: 5:09 (MM:SS)
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      NTSC Widescreen Quicktime - 388MB
30 Second Overview
Duration: 0:30 (MM:SS)
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