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"There has been definite improvement in my vision to the point where I do not need my reading glasses at all.

I don't think I even know where they are anymore. Right now I am knitting a pair of socks without glasses. The wool is very fine and the needles are not much bigger than toothpicks and I can see every stitch."

"Before I recommended it to people, I wanted to do it myself. My vision has never been better."

"Reading in the evenings is one of my favorite pastimes.

I have needed readers for the last few years to have clear, comfortable vision. I decided to try the RevitalVision program. Now I'm able to read two more lines on the eye chart and I haven't even completed the program yet!"

"Headlights were less glary.

Newsprint was crisper. When I sat down with a book before bed, I no longer had to hold the book at arm's length to decipher words. And, when I went to my eye doctor for my final post-training exam, I could read the smallest letters on the eye chart: EDFCZP. I had gained a whole line! I've never been so happy to see anything in my life."

"As I sit here now composing this message,

without glasses, without a contact, something that would have been impossible just a few months ago, I can say it was well worth the effort and damn near miraculous."

"This is to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

We have done another eye control with Hugo yesterday (as it was hard to believe) and it's been confirmed : compared to tests in Nov 2008, Hugo can see BETTER in his glasses now than 8 months ago (he went from 10/10 and 9/10 to 12/10 both eyes). Which means that his vision not only didn't get worse (so far we would observe 1 D less every 6 months on average) but it's gotten BETTER (0.5 and 0.75 D).

We've gone through these tests with the best experts in children's myopia in France and they've been done twice, so there is no doubt about it.

I just don't know how to thank you.

Now, Hugo will be wearing rigid contact lenses (he likes the idea to wear lenses anyway, especially while playing tennis!) to maintain the results. We have another visit in December."

"I've got to try this!

A friend of mine used the Vision Improvement Program and no longer wore her reading glasses. I thought to myself, I've got to try this!

About halfway through the program, I realized I wasn't holding my books as far away as I had in the past. But the real tell tale sign was being able to thread a sewing needle after completing my 17th session.

"I could not believe the difference the program made in my life!

I had just turned 42 and I was starting to develop "short arm" syndrome. Low lighting, small print, regular print - it was all too difficult for me to read. My vision had always been at least 20/15, and I had never experienced problems reading before, so this was a major irritant to me. Then I found Vision Improvement Program. I could not believe the difference the program made in my life. Within a short amount of time, and with regular sessions, I was able to throw away my reading glasses. As I continued my sessions my vision continued to improve. It is wonderful to not be dependant on reading glasses. I would recommend this program to anyone entering this same stage of life - that isn't quite ready to give in to the aging process!"

"I can read signs and print

After the Vision Improvement Program I can read signs and print farther away than before. I can read the time on my clock against the far wall and see print on TV. I hardly ever need to wear my glasses anymore. I'm glad I did the treatments and I found them easy to do!"

"The Vision Improvement Program helped me see better.

The Vision Improvement Program helped me to see better without the use of my glasses! I'm 48 and can now read price tags and menus without getting out my reading glasses. I don't squint to see anymore! I recommend Vision Improvement Program to all my friends!"

"I hardly ever have to use my reading glasses!

I'm 49 years old and I had perfect distance vision, but I couldn't see well enough to read things that were up close. But after completing the Vision Improvement Program treatments I hardly ever have to use my reading glasses! I can read and use the computer 12 hours a day!"

"I don't need glasses for distance or near

After completing the Vision Improvement Program I don't need glasses for distance or near. I can even drive without them! Whereas before the treatments, I could not even see well enough to drive. My vision is as good as it was when I was young!"

"I went the whole day without my contacts

I went to a resort last week and I was able to go a whole day without my contacts. I could read my book, see from Playacar Beach across the channel to Cozumel, and I could see all the details I needed to when I went snorkeling. It was wonderful. I have had great success with only a moderate amount of effort."

"I have improved three lines and I am without reading glasses. This thing does work.

Last night I finished my fifth or sixth session, not sure which but it was a long one -12 sections. I scored better than I had been and it seemed like something was happening, at times, the really dim figures would suddenly get clear. Other times though not so clear.

This morning I picked up a newspaper before I put in my contacts. It has been a long time since I could see anything but a blur, even at arm's length and there was no point in even trying. But this morning I could read it and the closer I got the better it looked. Still blurry, but I could definitely make it out. Pretty exciting."

"I feel more secure driving. You know, it really just takes 15 to 20 minutes."

"I'm so appreciative of the fact that I no longer have to wear glasses after 63 years of wearing them.

I know that I was reading farther down [on the chart] than ever before. I know that my eyes changed."

"It definitely has made a difference in my vision.

The part I liked about the whole thing was it's a way to improve my vision without any kind of medication or injections, or anything.

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